We are passionate about unique and quality design. Individuality is not just the look of a piece, but the idea, process, people and values behind it.






We believe that people who handcraft a product become part of that product.  

Artisans from craft communities are the true production experts. Hand-making products with knowledge garnered from traditional methods ensures that quality and unique design is at the heart of what they create. In a world where mass production has become a driver of low cost, disposable products, we rely on artisans to make authentic pieces that can last a lifetime. 




The Process



Each pair of our shoes is designed to be individual. ‘Made to fit’ for you by artisans using quality materials, ensuring that your pair will be unique for many years.

All our shoes are made from a fine, full grain, vegetable tanned Vaquetta leather. The hides come from France and are tanned in a well-established, traditional tannery in Tuscany, North of Italy. From Tuscany to our shoe workshop all leathers come in un-dyed condition and just later are hand-cut and hand-dyed individually for each pair of shoes. Every dye has been carefully selected and created specially for  the leathers we use varying in combination of oils and natural tannins to achieve desirable richness of color and enhance raw material qualities. 

Over time the leather will gradually age and develop a rich patina, making the shoes unique to the wearer. The combination of all natural materials allow the foot to breathe naturally without retaining any sweat or odour.

All our shoes are made using "Strobel" construction - a midsole is stitched to the shoe upper and then upper is stitched to the sole resulting in a higher flexibility and strength of the shoe. 

Every pair of our shoes is individually numbered. A unique number includes date of production, so you can be sure the shoes are made individually for you. 






Everyone has the right to know where their products are from.

We work with artisans, and feel that they should get the recognition that they deserve for the skill that goes into making such quality products. This in turn further helps support their craft communities as people understand the benefits and value of their work. This doesn’t just mean those that put together the final piece but the individual companies behind each material and process.

More than just understanding where pieces are made, we want to be open about individual costs too. We want you to understand how this modern, transparent way of thinking directly affects your purchase decisions. This way you are informed of what you are really paying for.